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Who are we ?

At Stework, we’re convinced that the market for internships and for jobs has taken on a new international dimension.

Specialists in talent recruitment for the professional sector, we use our knowledge on a daily basis to ensure that talent from all over the world connect with companies more easily.

Using the most in-demand posts in the technology sector as our starting point, we put outstanding candidates in touch with opportunities from the most innovative companies.

We break down barriers in the international recruitment sector thanks to the work of our consultants, who provide a personalised service to deal with all the administrative and logistical isssues that our candidates will encounter along the way.

We help companies to find the best possible recruits to fit their needs and help talents to become more agile and reactive in the job market.

Put simply, we help everyone to find the opportunity that suits them, wherever that may be.

Stework is based at the heart of French Tech. We plan to expand into other regions and other employment sectors.

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Where are we ?


165 Avenue de Bretagne

Lille (59000) FRANCE

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Monday – Friday

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165 Avenue de Bretagne

59000 Lille (FRANCE)